Last summer, everybody was listening to that song. It was playing everywhere.

It was a bomb. Moles of people were listening to this song.
At every party, in the every morning. People can not wake up without this song. It is difficult to explain, but life stopped when this song was playing. Some pop with the cool meaning. At the parties, this song exploded the dance place. If this song was not playing, it was not a real party. And young, and old people liked it. Could you think how good it was? You need to listen to it. Every time when I heard it, my mind closed and literary goes to the “Nirvana” or “Narnia”. For me, the song was associated with the night city. When you drive in the car and city is “playing”, is alive. Everywhere light and happy people. Every person is glad to be here.
It is how this song was playing everywhere.


Character Analysis

Elgin is Bee’s father and Bernadette’s husband. He is the Microsoft genius; he is the leader of the design team for Bill Gate’s favourite project (Samantha 2). He works a lot and sometimes forgets about his family, therefore he sometimes seems mean. Other people say about him, that he is a rude and antisocial as well as Bernadette.

Therefore, for Elgie I choose song “Paper Cuts” by Nirvana. Song is rough but lyrics is similar to Elgin’s life.


-When I’m feeling tired

He always feeling tired because he said: “I have a very stressful job.” – page 90

– Sometimes I can’t find my way

Sometimes Elgin doesn’t know what to say and seems to mean for his family.

-The lady whom I feel maternal love for
-Cannot look me in the eyes

Elgin doesn’t spend time with his family because he has a lot of work

-They come with a flash of light
-And take my family away

Elgin worried about his wife and blame in her disease pills what she takes. He thinks that pills interfere with their relationships.

-And very later I have learned

-To accept some friends of ridicule

-My whole existence is for your amusement

-And that is why I’m here with you!

He try to help his wife and stay with her how he can.


Writing Prompt: Music

Music is the strongest form of magic.

Music could do everything. It controls a lot of people, it forms moles of the groups, idols and imitators; forms families, traditions, countries. With the music in the world people live better, everyone finds something special in the music. We have a hundred music genres, that are required everywhere. Music helps in the trouble, depression; raise and decrease mood; helps to find inspiration. One song can mean life for someone, that include memories, love and family.

We can always ask for help music. It will accept the offer.

The Personal Response

“The key to revitalizing a language is by motivating a new generation of speakers.”

A lot of people around the world speak their own language. How many of it still exist? I believe, that new generation of speakers will know mother tongue and two others languages.

Exactly, the duration of the language depending on how many people know it. It is true, but not always people will stay in the same country. They will know their mother tongue, but not their kids. Who knows? Maybe parent’s mother tongue doesn’t need in the another country. It depends on of the family. If they are ardent fans of their country and the language, they always will learn it. From generation to generation. However, how we can know? Will be it the same as we told to our kids? In the modern time, we use reduction of words, jargon. For example, if you took English from 1900 year and from now (2016). Will be they the same? You say – no!

Therefore, we can’t say will be our language the same after ten years. New generations of speakers will add new words from the another language, new reduction, and new jargon.

Language, what we know never be the same for the long period.

Excercise Boosts Brain Health, but Is There a Downside?

A 2014 experiment with mice raised that the more the animals exercised, the worse their long-term memories became.

Exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, generally making the organ more fit. And it increases the birth of the brain cells, particularly in a part of the brain that is important for learning and remembering.

Study after study about animals has shown that aerobic activities can double the number of new cells in the brain.  Animals that run, have the ability to learn new skills.

The runners’ brains contained about twice as many new cells as did the brain of the animal.

Dr. Shetty said that it is possible that some types of long-term memory might be more affected by neurogenesis after exercise than others.



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